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***A non-government, privately owned website nor do we represent the Navy or the Special Warfare Community in official form or capacity.***

NavySeal.com is published with the hopes of sharing books and stories about Navy SEAL/Frogmen and/or books written by them. We invite any team guy to contribute his life experiences during or after the teams. This includes family members. You don’t have to be an admiral or politician to have a voice. We are not the publisher(s), authors or editors of the displayed books, we’re simply providing a platform for the community to know that such books are available.

Every BUD/S graduate who survived Hell Week, training and life in the teams has a mighty voice that can be encouraging and directional for many others.  We’ll love to hear your story.  So will untold others.

Little about me. I am the publisher of USMilitary.com Network, one of America’s premier privately owned non-government military websites. USMilitary.com Network has provided up to 750 military ‘highly qualified’ prospects per day to the US Military as well as up to one million impressions per month for selected military friendly advertisers.


BUD/S Class 89 ‘The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday’ class

I served in the United States Navy and was chosen by my peers as Honor Man in basic training and then was immediately transferred to Coronado CA where I graduated Basic Underwater Demolition SEAL Training (BUDS) Class 89. Later in life, I’ve been an invited guest at the White House and happily married to to my bride of 30 years with four sons, two dogs and too many chipmunks in my back yard. My passion is my faith, wife and family and then serving my honored military friends, family and clients.

NavySeal.com was created to offer a voice for all Navy Frogmen SEALs. This special website will also offer books written about and by all BUD/S alumni. I believe every man who survives BUD/s has a unique story of courage, confidence and attitude. I dare to imagine how many of these men went to persevered greatly in life as well. If so and this is you, along with myself, a grateful nation would love to hear your story.

All to say, if you’re in the game, leave us your email address for future news, updates.  We’ll never attempt to sell you anything.  Or, if you prefer, just email me.  Thank you and enjoy this amazing day!  L.C. Fowler

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A non-government, privately owned website nor do we represent the Navy or the Special Warfare Community in official form or capacity.

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